Way-Bri Express is proud to partner with the South Niagara Chambers of Commerce on our exciting and cost-saving shipping program, U.S. Drop and Ship.

Through this innovative program, South Niagara Chamber members have the opportunity to drop U.S.-bound packages off at the Niagara Falls Chamber of Commerce’s offices, to be picked up by Way-Bri Express Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays, to be carried across the border and inducted into the U.S. postal system that same day.

Way-Bri has been providing this service for Ontario companies for more than twenty (20) years, making a route of companies up and down the QEW, picking up parcels and palettes three times a week.

The program was designed for chamber members who might not have the volume, themselves, to warrant a direct pick-up, but still allowing them to have access to the significant time and money savings that the Way-Bri service allows.

Save Money When Shipping

So, why is same day induction important?

When we were building the U.S. Drop and Ship Program with SNCC, we did a bunch of research on comparable costs.

Some of what we found was pretty astounding – simply going back and forth between Canada Post and the rates we’re able to get through our partner, Panda Postage.

Obviously, you know that no matter who you’re using, postage rates vary by distance, class, weight and a bunch of factors.

So, there’s no way to say, “We can save you X percent,” because it’s not the same across-the-board.

But, the savings we were finding were significant.

For one parcel we quoted, going from Niagara Falls, Ontario to California, the savings were more than $60 by using Way-Bri to carry the parcel across the bridge. That’s one parcel.

Regularly, we were finding savings in the $20-$30 per package range.

Could you imagine a year’s worth of shipping, and the savings it could provide, when you can save upwards of $20 per package?

That’s why we brought the service to the SNCC, and that’s why they brought U.S. Drop and Ship on as a member benefit.

Save Time When Shipping

But that’s not where it ends – and this is the real kicker on why you want your parcels and letters carried across the border…

You don’t have to search far into the Canada Post calculator to get estimates on how long it will take your package to get where it’s going.

But we’ll do it for you… Here are some comparisons that we found:

Yes, this chart shows some of the cost comparisons, but look at the time.

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You want to get your stuff into your customers’ hands faster? You can halve (or better) the time spent in transit by having your parcels and letters directly inducted into the U.S. postal system.

That’s why Way-Bri’s customers have been using them for 20+ years.

Well, that and 20+ years of service, reliability and expertise.

What’s Next?

There’s actually not much to engaging with the U.S. Drop and Ship Program through the SNCC…

First, you have to be a member. Which we hope you are already anyway. It’s a great chamber of commerce, with many, many services and events that will help you grow your business.

Second, if you’re looking to use the program, you’re probably already shipping to the U.S., so you have at least some idea what you need to do it.

We are meticulous about compliance and paperwork, and want to make sure you’re doing things properly to ensure the smoothest process.

So, while it may not be very “2022,” we don’t want you to just fill out a form to contact us – we want to talk to you. Meet you. Get to know your company and what you’re looking to accomplish.

We feel that puts us in the best position to serve you, and make sure that your processes are optimal for getting your parcels from Point A to Point B.

After we get your paperwork set up, we’ll give you the entire process, start-to-finish, for each parcel you send… And you’re off-and-running.

It sounds cliché, but you’ll be able to watch the savings mount up.

For more than 20 years, Way-Bri Express has been helping Canadian and U.S. companies optimize their import/export processes, and get their stuff reliably across the border. Want to talk (no strings attached) about your company’s cross-border frustrations? Set up a 15-minute Zoom call with us.

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